Preserve family memories to digital files or DVD, before it's too late. WE BEAT ANY PRICE!

Heirloom Video has been serving families for 15 years. We take great joy in transferring your family treasures (you name it, we can digitize it) to digital media using the latest technology and we'll beat anyone's price.

Our competitive advantage is that we provide digital files,  for the same price as the DVD (which will soon be obsolete).


We at Heirloom Video transfer video tapes (all formats), 8mm/Super8/16mm film reels (flicker free), slides, photographs, LPs, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and mini-DVD/hard drive cameras to digital files or DVDs (also PAL conversion and photo montages).


Going Digital - What Can Be Done? Video tapes have become a victim of the digital age. VHS and 8mm tapes are analog recordings and, as such, will not last if the recording was from a video camera. The tapes will likely have a storage life of one or two decades, depending on storage conditions.

Transferring the tape images to a digital format becomes the only recourse if you wish to save precious events like a wedding, soccer game or a birthday party. Old film reels are more durable, but you need an old projector (and a screen) to watch them and few people have a projector that works. And what about those old slides, photos, cassette tapes, etc.?

Will Technological Innovation Ever End? It is unlikely that it will ever become unnecessary to transfer recordings from one technology to another.

Five to ten years down the road you will need to transfer DVDs to a "new" digital format because they will become obsolete. Due to this reality, we provide transfers to the most common computer based digital file format (MPEG4) for the ultimate storage solution. MPEG4 files can be played on computers/most new TVS and can be easily encoded to other digital formats, if necessary.

Transferring Media: Home computers and standalone VHS to DVD units can be used to accomplish the transfer task, but the process can be difficult and/or expensive (special hardware and software are necessary). The easiest and less frustrating option is to have the transfer done professionally for a similar price of a do-it-yourself project. Let us know if we can help!